Best Guide to Buy Hoverboard Chargers

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A Hoverboard Charger plays a pivotal role to keep your favorite hoverboard in good condition till longer. You might think that how that tiny device can help a bigger self-balancing scooter to be safe. Well, why not? Your hoverboard needs to get charged to function.

Can you ride a hoverboard without charging it? If you think you can then let me tell you that, your hoverboard comes with pre-installed Lithium-ion batteries, which power the hoverboard to work. Every functionality that you hoverboard might have only work when the device is charged.

When charging is a must do the job to your hoverboard, you must possess the best charger, which doesn’t destroy your hoverboard.


The hoverboard you are using is absolutely useless if you don’t have it charged. A fully charged hoverboard can run up to 4 to 5 hours when charged fully in one go. Thus, if you don’t charging be the interruption between you and your hoverboard, you need to get the best charger that charges fast.

Where there are many hoverboard chargers which can charge a hoverboard within 1 to 2 hours, on the other hand, there are chargers which take longer than usual to charge it. But whatever it may be a good charger is what you need.

Here is a guide you must follow to buy from the best hoverboard chargers for sale.

If you are buying a hoverboard charger online, from an online portal, it is quite an easy job for you. You can’t always rely on a brand just by seeing its name. There are many other things which are specific and essential for the same task. Thus check the basic criteria of the hoverboard charger, like the power, voltage, etc.

  1. Check the number of power the charger will give out and the voltage output. If you don’t buy a charger with sound voltage output, you will end up buying a charger which can take extended charging time.
  2. The next thing you need to check is the users rating for the charger and the number of raters. If a product is showing 5 starts and there is only 1 rating for the product doesn’t mean that the product is worth buying.
  3. Check the international labels and standard the charger has. If the charger you have shortlisted has several labeling, it does mean that the charger is of good quality and brand. A branded product is more reliable than a simpler one. Don’t go for expensive chargers, instead buy the one., which is value for money for you.


If you are looking where to buy a hoverboard charger, then you can buy one from Amazon. You can get the best deals and the best products at the best price.

EVAPLUS Power Adapter100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A42V 2000mA[su_button url="" target="blank" size="3" center="yes"]Check Price[/su_button]
BEST HOT POWER ADAPTER100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A42V 2A[su_button url="" target="blank" size="3" center="yes"]Check Price[/su_button]
SUPPOSUN BATTERY CHARGER100-240VAC,50/60Hz42V 2A[su_button url="" target="blank" size="3" center="yes"]Check Price[/su_button]
FANCY BUYING ELECTRIC BATTERY CHARGER100-240V- 50/60Hz 1.6A42V 2A[su_button url="" target="blank" size="3" center="yes"]CHECK PRICE[/su_button]
100-240V- 50/60Hz24V 1.5A[su_button url="" target="blank" size="3" center="yes"]CHECK PRICE[/su_button]


Comprehensive Review of Hoverboard Chargers

EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter

If you are wondering why this product got the top position on the list, then I must tell you that the charger worth it. The charger has some factors which made it significant among the rest in the list. It doesn’t mean that the other chargers are not worth a buy, but this EVAPLUS 42V power adapter is differently extraordinary.

This charger has the input of 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A and the charger has many other factors, for which it got several reviews and good ratings online. The charger has an output of 42V 2000mA, which is enough to charge your hoverboard in less time.

  • The charger comes with a money back guarantee, and the customers are allowed to buy and try the charger before they can settle with it.
  • High-speed charging helps the hoverboards to get charged more before than any other chargers
  • You can keep a track on your charging by the LED light indicator

  • The charger gets heated when you use it for charging for a more extended period
  • The hoverboard charger port is not suitable for every charging port thus it is not appropriate for all hoverboard
  • Though there is a 100% money back guarantee provided by the manufacturer, not every user gets the facility.


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If you are looking for a hoverboard charger which can give you a speed charging experience, then this charger can be right for you. The money back guarantees it is not that necessary with a charger that proficient and working.


If you don’t bother about how much does a hoverboard charger cost and want a quality product only, then this charger is exclusively for you. The charger may cost a few dollars more than the regular and the budgeted one, but trust me, you won’t repent for the investment made

The output power of this charger is 36V 1A, and the charging voltage can go up to 42V DC. The significant part of this charger is the safety guidelines that it follows. The charger is UL listed and is protected from any short circuit or overheating issue. Your hoverboard can get charged faster and efficiently with these products.

The charger comes up with a 6 feet long power cable and the LED indicator for this hoverboard has different colors to indicate different levels of charging

  • The charger is CE TUV GS approved and comes under the list of UL certified hoverboard chargers
  • This charger is not for all and is compatible only with the hoverboard which has 36V output
  • The LED indicator is helpful; to keep you alert with the charging stages and you can make it safe from getting overheated

  • The charger doesn’t work with all the hoverboards. There are very few hoverboard brands compatible with this charger
  • The LED indicator can stop working after a more prolonged use
  • The cable of this charge has the tendency to get torn up quickly.


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The charger brand is right for you if you are willing to spend a few more dollars to get a quality product. The charger is of editor’s choice not for being expensive than others but for the benefits it delivers to its users.



The design of this charger is pretty good as compared to many other hoverboard chargers. It has an output power of 42V 2A, and the input power is 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A. The best part of this charger is that this is compatible with most of the hoverboard brands.

The LED indicator of this charger changes its color according to imply different things. Also, this is protected from short circuit, overload, and overheating.

  • The charger is made of high-quality raw materials and is appropriate for fast and safe charging
  • This is the most user-friendly hoverboard charger for being compatible with most of the hoverboard brands
  • The charger comes up with a lifetime technical warranty and a guarantee of 1 year.
  • The customer support service of this product is commendable.

  • The charger can take longer than usual time with some of the hoverboards, and you might consider those to be incompatible with this charger
  • Some users have reported that the outer surface of the charger gets melted when overheated.


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This charger is easy to pack and carry, and you can take this along with your hoverboard wherever you go. You must understand the LED indications of this charger separately to make safe use of it.




This charger can be found under the list of the cheap hoverboard charger. This product can be the best buy and is the most accessible replacement for your existing hoverboard charger.

The power input of this charger is 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz when the output remains the same as other chargers mentioned above. The charger comes with two indicators, and they are red and green respectively. The charger is also lightweight and is an appropriate one for daily using.

  • This hoverboard charger is one of the best that you can get under $10
  • The LED indicators of this charger are easy to understand and help you to know if the hoverboard is ready to use and charged utterly.
  • This charger works faster with the hoverboards, which are compatible

  • There are many hoverboard brands that you can’t consider to be compatible with this charger
  • There is no guarantee for any physical damage of this charger
  • The outer layer of the charger gets melted when overheated


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This charger is the best one and pocket-friendly at the same time. You can replace your existing charger with this one without a second thought to it.



This is one of the most fantastic quality products and can be the right choice for those who0 need a charger but running out of budget. This AC 100-240V- 50/60Hz 1.6A input and DC 42V 2A output battery goes in the cheaper side and doesn’t mean the company has compromised with its quality.

Your hoverboard gets charged within 2-4 hours with the help of this fast charging hoverboard charger. The conversion rate of this charger is pretty high, and thus, this charger saves energy and is environment-friendly.

  • This hoverboard charger is compatible with an extended number of hoverboard brands
  • The charger is easy to use for almost every hoverboard holder and is a suitable replacement of the existing one
  • The charger is safe, and the company or the manufacturer of this hoverboard provides a protection plan to this charger

  • The charger is absolutely useless for the hoverboards which are not compatible with it
  • The LED indicator of this hoverboard seems to stop working after a few months of use.
  • The body of the charger gets overheated when kept for a more extended period on charging.


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The charger is basically under the budgeted charger segment. But you can get benefited by every penny spent on it. If you overlook the disadvantages of this product, you can find it to be absolutely useful and the best buy. You can get a good charging experience with this charger.



It is a pervasive problem with most of the hoverboard chargers when the charging socket of the charger breaks down, or it gets disabled to charge your hoverboard. If you prefer to buy a new replacement charger, then that is absolutely beautiful, but even if you want to fix it, here is how you can do it.

You can buy a couple of crimps and fix it with the wires rather than using the same prongs of the socket. If it doesn’t get fixed, you need to change the place of the positive (+) and negative (-) prong, and it will start working.


Getting a hoverboard charger is busy but picking the right one can take you enough time to get. You can get your best hoverboard charger from the list above and enjoy faster charging and an uninterrupted hoverboard riding experience without a charging delay.

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