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It is pretty blissful when you find your favorite things at a cheaper price, and I know that. I know how much you love hoverboards and you might have started drooling over the self-balancing device. Why not? The hoverboard has that aura of appeal intact. SO whatever be your age, your love for hoverboard can never go too old.

Besides everything you might have the thought that you have restricted your choices by restricting your budget, isn’t it? Initially, when hoverboards were brought to the market under $200, it achieved a mass interest and I can’t deny that.

However, this affordable self-balancing scooter revealed its inferior quality with time. Those who use them had to deal with sparkling batteries, overheating leading to fire outbreaks among others.

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Thus, there was an established negative outlook on the hoverboard industry as a whole and its impact on the patronage of hoverboards were drastic. Fortunately, UL2272 was introduced- a regulation that hoverboards must undergo hoverboard certification safety tests before being allowed into the market.

This brought about a positive impact in terms of quality and safety.

As a result, averagely worthy self-balancing scooters today with UL confirmation costs about $350-700.

Yet it is still possible to get a hoverboard under $200. Though limited in stock, it is an ideal price for wholesale markets. In a few Chinese markets like Aliexpress or DHGate, you will be looking at getting a recertified or adjusted model or possibly a clearance sale.

Similarly, you may want to consider seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday Week offers a great reduction in $250.

List Of Hoverboard Under 200$

ProductTop SpeedBattery RangeMaximum LoadPrice
GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover load up7 Mph5 Miles225lbsCheck Price
OTTO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-adjusting Scooter8 Mph7-10 Miles225lbsCheck Price
SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard w/Speaker Smart Self-Balancing Wheel7.5 Mph8 Miles220 lbsCheck Price
Levit8ion ION 6.5" Hoverboard12 Mph10-12 Miles240lbsCheck Price

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover load up – UL Certified Self Balancing Hoverboard Review

The GoTrax hoverboard has a somewhat showy appearance, with a brightly painted outside and lunar LED lights. It flaunts a vast subject. In this way, you will feel that you are speeding past shooting stars rather than the sidewalk. But looks aren’t everything with regards to this device. It packs top of the line highlights this way: A riding speed up to 7.4 mph. The first-rate torque is bolstered by double 250W engines. A hoverboard that can achieve amazing velocities may be a reason for concern. You may think about whether the battery can withstand blast at this speed.

  • Great outline
  • Speedy
  • Covers up to 12 miles for every charge
  • Batteries ensured for security

  • Narrow riding surface
  • Not for overwhelming grown-ups


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 OTTO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-adjusting Scooter Review

Otto hoverboard is an extremely essential model. In any case, the majority of its highlights are all around planned and the bike, generally speaking, is of good quality.

There is a double engine on this hoverboard with a yield of 350W. This adds up to the best speed of around 6 mi/h (9.6 km/h).

The gadget is additionally fit for going up mellow slants that are close to 15°.


  • Can go up slight slopes
  • Reasonable best speed
  • Lots of security highlights

  • Bluetooth can disengage
  • Not solid

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Application Enabled SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard w/Speaker Smart Self-Balancing Wheel

The SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard is reasonable for clients all things considered and encounter levels since it is extraordinarily protected. It accompanies some awesome highlights like progressed Bluetooth speakers and an application that is good with iOS and Android. This model weighs just 20lbs making it a standout amongst the most lightweight hoverboards out there. Since it has zero carbon outflows, it is extremely eco-accommodating.

  • Perfect for youngsters and also grown-ups
  • Present day and smooth outline
  • Convenient and Light
  • Multi-layered guard against flame and warmth risks

  • Low engine intensity of 150W
  • Restricted shading range

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Levit8ion ION 6.5″ Hoverboard – Bluetooth W/Speaker, LED Lights

Levit8ion ION is an incredible hoverboard exceptionally extraordinary and in its own class. It is impeccably worked with a chrome complete and accompanies diverse assortments of glossy, brilliant chrome hues that incorporate pink, blue, dark, rose gold and others. Likewise, have brilliant LED lights that are situated on the wheels.

Much the same as some hoverboards, this is a superb decision for children. It is recommendable since it accompanies a 6.5” inch which is a standard size board for children. It accompanies a point of confinement weight of 220lb. The front LED’ lighting-related with this model can enable you to easily ride along with dim conditions.

  • Comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth framework
  • LED lighting framework
  • UL Certified henceforth guaranteeing wellbeing
  • Boast of a most extreme speed of 8.5 mph

  • Lacks a control application


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List Of Hoverboard Under 150 $

Products NameTop SpeedBatter RangeMaximum LoadPrice
XtremePowerUS Hoverboard8 MPH7.5 Miles180 lbsCheck Price
Koo Hoverboard9 MPH6 Miles176 lbsCheck Price
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter10 MPH6-8 Miles180 lbsCheck Price
Hoverheart 6.5 - LED and Bluetooth Scooter10 MPH10 Miles220 lbsCheck Price

XtremePower US Hoverboard

XtremepowerUS has rapidly made its name because of assembling modest yet solid and enduring hoverboards. Since the hoverboards went to the market, they have taken the transportation to an unheard of level. Along these lines, the administration has actualized the UL2272 accreditation to guarantee that the things consent to security norms.

This hoverboard by XtremepowerUS is UL2272 confirmed. It can achieve an amazing velocity of up to 8 miles for every hour and consider the value the movement speed is entirely OK. It accompanies two 350 watt engines that guarantee you have a smooth ride.


  • Backings the heaviness of up to 200 pounds.
  • UL 2272 affirmed security lights for appropriate flagging.

  • A hoverboard that is entirely mainstream with children yet may not be too useful for your loving (but rather in the event that you are searching for a modest starter hoverboard then this is maybe the best model).


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Koo Hoverboard

Suppose that you need a hoverboard, need it to be sheltered, and don’t have any desire to pay far too much for it. Give us a chance to acquaint you with the Koo Hoverboard, the minimum costly hoverboard we’ve discovered that still meets UL 2272 security models and has, for the most part, great audits.

The Koo hoverboard won’t win any challenges with regards to looks or highlights, yet it will take care of business and truly, this would probably be an incredible first hoverboard buy in case you’re interested. This machine can give you a chance to voyage at simply over six miles for every hour and the most extreme weight it can deal with is 220 pounds. It just weighs only 22 pounds (which is light for this kind of gadget) and it can deal with slopes of 15 degrees.

  • Offers smooth ride
  • The repair administrations are all over accessible
  • Easy to control

  • Lacks a control application

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter is the most recent offering from the brand that has some extraordinary new highlights. It is a UL 2272 guaranteed show that accompanies a huge amount of wellbeing highlights. This is a great pick that is appropriate for kids and grown-ups alike.

  • It is very quick on account of its great battery
  • Safe and UL 2272 guaranteed demonstrate
  • Expanded battery life

  • It isn’t watered safe


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Hoverheart 6.5 – LED and Bluetooth Scooter

Contrasted with the model of hover heart recorded before, this one might be a tad off considering the outline due to the additional assurance alongside tires.

The hover heart self-offsetting electric bike accompanies an aggregate intensity of 400 watts (double engines every one of 200 watts). It gives the machine enough speed so you can ride it from 6 miles up to the speed of 10 miles for every hour.


  • It is very quick on account of its great battery
  • Safe and UL 2272 guaranteed demonstrate
  • Expanded A solid and durable assembled made to keep going longer.
  • Plastic curved guards to ensure that your garments are and individuals around you are secure
  • 5 inches’ stable tires that are extreme for articles to enter through.
  • battery life

  • The plan leaves a considerable measure to be wanted.
  • Because of its making, lifting it and conveying along can be somewhat hard particularly on the off chance that you don’t bring a hoverboard pack along

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Getting what you want is what you expect. We believe in going out, strive and help you get what you want. Hope this hoverboard will help you with your requirements and you can have an awesome experience of riding the best hoverboard you are going to possess under $200.

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