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Hoverboard skins are a total game-changer. They can give an instant makeover to your hoverboard. The best part of cool hoverboard skins is that they are super comfy to your pocket and you can change them easily whenever you want to. If you have a particular theme in your mind, there are custom hoverboard skins which are available too.

When your hoverboard starts looking older, or it got a few more scratches to it, that is the time when the hoverboard skins are your savior. Either call them skins, stickers, or vinyl, they serve the same purpose- to make your hoverboard look cooler.

Here are top 10 hoverboard skins which are trending now.

Top 10 Hoverboard Skins

The great thing about the cool hoverboard skins is that you can change them anytime and anywhere. Thus, you can choose one or all from the list below.


If you are a lady and want to define your feminism with bright and dark colors that attract many, this hoverboard skin manufacturer is for you. The hoverboard skins are manufactures by inner need and can transform your old hoverboard into a pinky and new one. The hoverboard case consists of a pair of soft and flexible silicone case fit for most of the hoverboards of 6.5” of size. 

There are very fewer hoverboard skins which have the no dust formula, and they are durable. The cutouts of the hoverboard skin are so accurate that you don’t have to battle much to make it a perfect fit for the hoverboard. But you need to make sure that you choose the right model for this case. 

  • Fits perfectly to any 6.5” scooter
  • Dark and bright colors
  • Soft and flexible silicone
  • No dust formula

  • The pedal and the bottom are not covered
  • Appropriate for females only

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If you want to give a girly girl look to your favorite hoverboard skin, you may prefer buying this hoverboard skin.


The military design of this hoverboard skin is a perfect choice for men with a different taste. This hoverboard skin gives your hoverboard a strong and cool look. The cover is free from dust and dirt and comes with a special spray. This is not sticky and can fit most of the 6.5” hoverboards. The hoverboard scratch protector has precise cutouts, and you can fix it properly to your hoverboard at home. It gives you access to every port, and it provides complete protection to your hoverboard. You can simply keep your hoverboard free from possible scratches and water damages.

  • Skin case for 6.5” hoverboards
  • Precise cutouts
  • Dust and dirt proof
  • Easy to install

  • Only one color available

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If you want to give your hoverboard a classic and different look from the usual, then this hoverboard skin is just perfect for you.



This hoverboard skin is the perfect protection for your self-balancing scooter from scratches and scuffing. It also keeps the surface of your hoverboard clean and works completely fine with any 6.5” or standard-sized hoverboard. The hoverboard skin is made with high-quality material. It has soft and flexible silicone protective skin, which is completely stretch retracted. Which means that the hoverboard skin stays fit for more extended and till you change that the next time you find something more refreshing than this.

It is made with durable and 100% silicone material and has the anti-shock formula to absorb any impact. You can simply install the stickers for hoverboards by yourself. If you find any problem regarding the hoverboard skin or its installation or durability, the customer support team is always there to hear from you.

  • Made from 100% soft silicone
  • Perfect fit for 6.5” 2 wheels
  • Protect your board from getting scratched and dirty
  • Good customer support

  • This hoverboard skin might run large. Please read the dimensions before making a purchase

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This hoverboard skin can be a perfect fit for any 6.5” hoverboard. This is scratch-free and dust free and helps you to keep it clean automatically.


Sticker for Hover Board – Skin for Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – Decal for Self-Balance Mobility Longboard 


If you are looking for exclusive Swagtron hoverboard skins, then you must choose to buy this one. This hoverboard skin is made using 3M vinyl, and for the printing, it used premium HP Eco-solvent inks. HP ink is considered to be the best ink in the market, which is durable and waterproof.  The life of this hoverboard skin can last as long as your hover scooter. This hoverboard skin fits perfectly well with many hoverboards, but the way it fits Swagtron makes it an exclusive one for the brand.

This decal skin can be adequately fitted at home. While choosing the hoverboard for which you prefer this hoverboard skin, must be picked properly. Well, we have other news for you. If you make any mistake while fixing the skin on to your hoverboard, the company promises you to send a new one. Keep your hoverboard looking shinier and free from dings with this hoverboard. 

  • 3M Vinyl and HP ink for designing
  • Basic scratch protection
  • Ultra-glossy
  • Removable adhesive without leaving any residue

  • Fit very fewer numbers of the brand including Swagtron

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If you are looking to buy a stylish and durable hoverboard skin for your Swagtron hoverboard then you may prefer this one.


SKINOWN Self Balance Two Wheel Balance Board Hover Scooter Sticker Protective Skin Wrap Adhesive Vinyl Decal Cover


Made from durable and waterproof vinyl, this SKINOWN hoverboard skin protects your hoverboard from dings and scratches. It even protects your hoverboard from rain and water damages for being waterproof. This is one of the best scratches protecting Razor Hovertrax skins and other brands like Swagway, Powerboard, etc. Installing and removing the hoverboard skin- both are easy, and you can simply do by yourself. 

The perfect fit formula helps you to stick this hoverboard skin without any bubble formation, neither any wrinkles get formed while sticking it. Even when you want to remove the sticker and change the color or stick another brand of hoverboard skin, this sticker doesn’t leave any residue. If you have any quality-related issue after buying this hoverboard skin, then you must know that it comes up with a 90 days warranty. The company gives you 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

  • Made from durable and waterproof vinyl
  • Protects your hoverboard from dings and scratches
  • Best for Razor Hovertrax
  • Can get fixed without any bubble formation

  • Doesn’t fit most of the hoverboard brands

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If you are looking for a perfect hoverboard skin for your Hovertrax, then this can be the best buy for you.

GameXcel Sticker for Hover Board – Skin for Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

The hoverboard skin of GameXcel is made of durable and high-quality vinyl and HP ink (which is known to be the best brand ink in the market). This is generally fit for all the industry-leading hoverboard brands and is a perfect Razor Hovertrax 2.0 skin. The durability and the waterproofing formula of this hoverboard skin, let this skin to last for the life of your hoverboard if you don’t want to change it by yourself.

With the changing models of most of the hoverboards, you might need to change and prefer some level of papercutting, and you may indulge into a DIY project to make this hoverboard skin with any hoverboard to show the ports and the logos properly. Keep your hoverboard looking new and shiny and cover your hoverboard from every corner with this scratchproof skin. 

You can check the YouTube instruction video to fix this hoverboard decal properly to your hoverboard. 

  • Made with super vinyl and ink
  • Work with many industry-leading hoverboard brands
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Overall protection
  • Cool design and colors

  • A bit expensive than other vinyl stickers

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This hoverboard skin decal makes your hoverboard look cool and stylish. It gives 360-degree protection to your favorite hoverboard.

Lunar Silicone Protective Cover with Zipper for 6.5″ Self-Balance Scooter Hover Board

If you are looking for a hoverboard skin, which can protect your 6.5” hoverboard from every angle and which you can fit and remove easily, then you may prefer buying this one. The specialty of this hoverboard skin is that it comes with a zipper design, and makes your hoverboard to look different and stylish. The soft and flexible cover of this hoverboard skin can prevent significant scratches from reaching your favorite hoverboard. 

This hoverboard skin has two cuts for the lights. At the back of this hoverboard skin, there are two more cuts which are appropriate for getting fixed around the charging port and start button. 

  • Hoverboard skin with a zipper design
  • Cool and stylish designs
  • Protect your hoverboard from every corner
  • Soft and flexible silicone
  • Perfect cuts for every ports and button

  • Not compatible with non-branded hoverboards available in the market
  • Size might be loose for some branded ones too.

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This hoverboard is unique for its design. The zipper design helps you to easily remove the skin and fit it whenever needed.

Cool&Fun 6.5″ Silicone Protective Case/Cover for Hoverboard Segway

You want to protect your hoverboard at any cost! You want to protect it from rain and water damages, from dust and whatnot. This hoverboard skin is made for you and solves all the purposes that you have. This skin protects your hoverboard from possible scratches and bumps. The dustproof formula helps it to keep clean. This hoverboard skin is compatible with most of the 6.5” hoverboards and is easy to fix. This hoverboard skin comes up with the right and left side cover; thus, it protects your hoverboard from every angle. 

There are 15 colors available of this hoverboard skin, giving you a vast choice of colors, which will leave you spellbound and may be confused, either to buy one or all of them. The seller of this skin gives you the guarantee of the quality material used to make the hoverboard skin. 

  • Perfect for 6.5” hoverboards
  • Dual-colour design
  • Comes with left and right cover
  • 15 colors available
  • Waterproof and dustproof

  • Might be loose for some hoverboards, check the measurements before buying it

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This 6.5” Silicone Protective case is a fresh and fun looking hoverboard case to fit in your budget and style.

Unspecific Hoverboard Skins for 6.5 Inches 2 Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

Save your favorite hoverboard from all possible scuffing and scratches with this hoverboard skin. This hoverboard skin is appropriate to save your self-balancing scooter from scratch while hitting. This is compatible with all 6.5” self-balancing scooter which comes with two wheels. This hoverboards skin is made of soft and flexible silicone, which is stretch retracted and stay fitted to your hoverboard for longer. This is made from 100% anti-shock silicone to absorb any impact on your hoverboard. This is easy to install, and you don’t need any precise tool to fit it on to your hoverboard.

There are many colors to choose from in this hoverboard, and you can give a more refreshing look every day to your hoverboard with them. 

  • Fit to 6.5” hoverboard
  • Soft and flexible silicone material
  • Scratch proof and dustproof
  • 100% anti-shock silicone
  • Multi-color choice

  • The solid color might bore you after particular use

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If you want to keep your hoverboard looking subtle and straightforward then you van prefer buying this solid-colored hoverboard skin.

6.5″ Plastic Chrome and Design Shell’s

This hoverboard skin fits perfectly to nay 6.5” hoverboard. Made with high quality and durable ABS plastic, this hoverboard skin is perfect for replacement of damaged shells. This hoverboard skin keeps your hoverboard safe from any possible scratches and does everything that is needed to keep your hoverboard safe and look like a new one. This hoverboard brand comes with many colors and designs to choose from. 

  • Made with high-quality ABS Plastic
  • Comes in many colors and designs
  • Scratch proof

  • Very pricey as compared to other hoverboard skins in the list

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This hoverboard skin is the best fit for your requirement if you are not looking for any budget-friendly hoverboard skin. The high-quality plastic keeps your hoverboard safe from possible damages and breakage.

TAKEAWAY: Most of the hoverboard skins mentioned above are perfect for 6.5” hoverboards. But you need to check the dimensions and the cutouts before buying one. Hoverboard skins are cool accessories to your self-balancing scooters. You can change them and get a newer look whenever you want with this easy to change hoverboard skin.

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